Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Task Sequence: Image Capture Wizard has failed with the error code


I got Task Sequence Error when I try to capture image for my Windows 7.

The error message is as below:

Task Sequence Error:
Running: Image Capture Wizard
Description:  Task Sequence: Image Capture Wizard has failed with the error code (oxoooo4005).

After some research, I found out there is a maximum 3 time limit to capture image from same computer.
" Each OS capture will run sysprep command which will reset windows product activation. However, there is a max 3 times per computer limit for the sysprep command. After the 3 time, the clock to reset Windows Product Activation can no longer be reset."


To overcome this 3 Sysprep time limitaiton, following are the walkaround:

1. Open regedit and look for:


Set to value: 2


Set to value: 7


Set to value:

Then, run the command:
msdtc -uninstall (wait a few seconds)
msdtc -install (wait a few seconds)

Then, reboot the system and try to run sysprep again.

It is working to me. Good luck to you. :)


  1. Brilliant - certainly allowed me to capture an image
    Thanks very much

  2. HUGE help! Thanks for the post. Saved me from insanity.

    1. Hi Neil Natic, good to know this post able to help you :)

  3. after one week searching. This help. Thanks!

  4. Gracias por la soluciĆ³n...

  5. You madam saved my day. I tried bumping up the rearm count to 5 but this didn't solve it, however following your guide got me the image =)

  6. brilliant !!!!! it helps, thanks for the posting.... :)

  7. worked perfectly. Thanks for the info!!

  8. No working for me... Where do we find the log file?

  9. It worked. Thank you for sharing the information

  10. Will I have run SysPrep manually or will the TS pick back up? Thanks!

  11. Just to add on additional step to the above, I was trying to capture Win10 image from a Surface Pro. Although I set the values as per above, it still kept failing. Upon checking the log file "setupact.log" under "c:\windows\system32\sysprep\panther" folder, I found the sysprep was failing due to bitlocker. When I check the bitlocker settings on the PC was not activated and there was a prompt to activate the bitlocker. There was also a padlock in unlock state on my c:\ Drive. I then had to activate the bitlocker first and then disabled it. Upon disabling, the drive got decrypted and the padlock disappeared. I restarted the PC and was able to capture the image successfully.

  12. Hi Guys
    I am also having the same problem, I am going to try this now.