Friday, October 28, 2011

Failed to install SCCM client by Right Click Tool - 0x80040281

I got this error message after I tried to use Right Click Tool (version: 0424ConfigMgrTools) to install SCCM client:

Error Message:
Failed in GetCertificate0x(...) 0x80040281
File 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\ccmsetup\{4CD82FBB-0AFC-4864-A089-15364DF5F14B}\client.msi' doesn't have a valid digital signature.

This scenario happened when the Right Click Tool is using an older version of ccmsetup.exe to install the SCCM client on the workstation.

To solve this issue:
1. At your SCCM server, copy newer version of ccmsetup.exe from DriveLetter:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client\
2. Paste the newer version of ccmsetup.exe to DriveLetter:\Windows\SCCMTools

I dint get same error message after replaced the ccmsetup.exe. Good luck to you. :)

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